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Shweta's Adventure - stranded at Jammu airport for 24 hours

Shweta Gulati decided to spend her new year in a different way. The actress who was planning to party in Goa earlier, changed her mind at the last minute.

“I don’t know what happened to me. I got a strong feeling that I must go for mata’s darshan. So I changed my Goa plan and landed up at Jammu on December 31.”

A few of the actresses’ friends joined her on the trip. Shweta walked her way up and down to the mountain to reach the temple. It took her approximately eight hours to finish the entire darshan.

“It was an almost 25-km walk from Katra to Vaishnodevi. We started around 2 pm in the afternoon and ended the darshan at 10 pm in the night. It was tiring, but quite a spiritual experience at the same time. We hardly get to walk in Mumbai, so doing it all of a sudden has taken quite a toll on me. The next day at Jammu we were told that all flights were cancelled due to heavy rains. So we decided to rest in a local lodge, only to go back the next day and realise the condition still hadn’t improved.”

The actress had two thoughts on her mind — one was to make it in time for the shooting of her daily show, and second ensure that she doesn’t fall sick or get any physical injury.

“My legs are still aching from the walk, and the cold here is quite unbearable. I had a good break and now am craving to get back to work. I can’t stay away from Remix for a long time.”

She adds that her Vaishnodevi journey will remain one of her most recent memorable experiences.

“I am feeling a renewed vigour within me, and I think it’s because of my walk up to the temple.”

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