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Shweta's Career Track

If the budding actor Shweta Gulati is to be believed, success in her profession just fell in her lap. She never thought of being an actress, it just happened. She had accompanied her brother for the audition and got selected herself. And it has been a joyride ever since. Shweta worked in a call center; did some social work before she entered TV. She began her career on television with ads. Her first show on television was Shagun on Star Plus. She also played a girl who lost her parents and was ill treated by her aunts in " Kyun Hota Hai Pyaar". She was a part of " Pardey Ke Pichhey" on Star Plus and acted in "Lipstick" on Zee. She refused to act in Balaji productions; as she didn’t want to be stuck in a never-ending saas-bahu saga. Her recent stint, and claim to fame is playing the soft-spoken Barbie Dollish, Tia of " Remix " on Star One. But Shweta says that Tia Ahuja is most unlike her in real life. "Tia’s full of herself, I am not. I had to change my voice for the role and had to act like a school kid." About her look she says," Tania Behl is totally responsible for it and I think it's brilliant coz I am getting a lot of compliments for it. Shweta wasn't soft spoken but she's become soft spoken. Tia and Shweta are very, very, very different from each other. But Tia has brought a lot of changes in Shweta. Shweta is now become more self-conscious. She'll think twice before wearing anything. Even when I am at home I'll check my face for pimples." Truly, Tia’s character is very close to Shweta’s life.

Shweta Gulati makes her entry into Bollywood in a Romilla Mukherjee film, Detective Naani. Shweta is starring opposite Amit Verma., of Hotel Kingston fame. “It is a masala movie, with a little bit of comedy, suspense, thriller and a love story. It is about a naani, played by Ava Mukherjee (who features in the Himalaya Ayurvedic products ad). Amit and I play teenage characters in the film. Naani is the central character and I am her best friend,” said Shweta. The actress plays the role of a young girl who lives in her own world. She is into books and doesn’t have friends. “I play a very different character, unlike myself. Yet, it’s a nice role and I enjoyed it. My name is Neeti in the film,” said Shweta.

The film has its share of song and dance sequences. “The promos of the film are out and Avinash Gowarikar is doing the publicity for the film,” she said. Detective Naani is expected to release in February next year. Shweta had no plans to get into the big screen; so, how did the film happen? “This film just happened. When I was shooting for Shagun, Romilla and Jolly Mukherjee called, saying they want me to do a commercial. I met them and auditioned for the ad, and then they told me they had signed me for their film! They told me it was a tailor-made role; and I am the Neeti they were looking for.”

Shweta has no plans of acting in films, though she is being offered a few. “I am actually happy with Remix, and since I am bound by contract, I won’t be doing anything else. I have never given Bollywood a serious thought - unless something big comes my way. Till then, it’s television for me,” chuckled Shweta.

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