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Happy Birthday Shweta Gulati

For some, it takes years of struggle and numerous appearances to be noticed while for others, making a mark is matter of destiny. One such, destined to be a celebrity, is Shweta Gulati aka Tia Ahuja of Remix. Catching the eye of a majority of the nation's audiences is no mean feat... being appreciated by viewers of all age groups is no lesser.

Shweta shot to fame with Remix, the soap opera on Starone, cast in the role of a pampered daughter of a business tycoon and a student of a high profile school - college. She has created a niche for herself in a very short time, with stunning looks and unique mannerisms. Her dialogue delivery is inimitable ( " Tia Ahuja hona koi aisi waisi baat nahin! " is now a legend ), and her style has redefined the fashion trends among the youth.
" Princess " or "Angel ", call her what you like, Shweta is all Beauty and Charm. Also blessed with the rare gift of tenderness at heart, she is the Living Barbie Doll adored by one and all.
Created by , the Remix Fan Club at, this site is a tribute to Shweta Gulati. Want to enter her world ? Just Click on the links above.

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