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Shweta's Interview

Q>How is it like being Shweta Gulati in the real life?
A> Every actor needs to be self-obsessed, she is very strong, she is sensitive, and an independent and people love her.

Q> Who do you like the most in the Remix gang?
Shweta: Archana and Pri. I like her the most she is close to Tia, and Archana is very close to her character.

Q> How was your first day on the Remix sets?
A> We started off with a workshop. My first intro was with Yuvi and Karan. Karan was like a lost child

Q> What was your school-life like?
A> I was good at studies, I was a topper for long, then I never bothered to study. I was a favourite at school.

Q> Do you get along with your co-stars Ashi, Ranveer and Yuvi.
A> Oh yes! Thoroughly, Ranveer is a sweet heart - he is highly pampered. Yuvi is the matured one. Ashi is a pranskter.

Q> A personal question - How far is it true that you are 30 and divorced?
A> I am single. Please introduce me to some good guys. I am not 30.

Q > You have worked in a call centre and this gives an advantage, as you have a good command on your language i.e. the way you pronounce words and the way you talk in speed and your comments like "2 penny gawar" to Ranveer and "tacky camel"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A > Actually, I worked in the call centre for just four months. It wasn't of any great help. I have always had a good command over Hindi and English.

Q > Are you a divorcee and daughter of Farida Jallal?
A > No, I am not. Both these statements are wrong. Email Id is

Q > Shweta, are you dating Karan? You guys seem very closely bonded.
A > No, I am not dating actor Karan (Ranvir in the serial). He is a very good friend and it took us a lot to work on our on screen chemistry.

Q> How does it feel to be a part of the 'top 10 sexiest soap stars' (published on Indiatimes).
A > I wasn't aware of this. But since I've got to know this, it's a good feeling.

Q> How easy or difficult has it been for you to develop your chemistry with Karan Wahi?
A> Very difficult, Karan is a first timer, he used to tremble before. He is much better now.

Q> When is the first time you were in love?
A> I think I was 18 when I fell in love for the first time. I fell in love with my class mate.

Q> What tips/suggestions will you give to people who do not belong to the glamour world but want to become an actress like you?
A> You need to complete your studies and then come to this world. Be well informed, well aware, this looks very glamorous but it's not that way behind the scenes.

Q> Which is your favourite programme on television, apart from Remix?
A> Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, India Calling

Q> Did you always play with Barbie dolls, till what age did you play with them?
A> Till the age of four.

Q> Was there any moment when you lost all the hope to achieve your ambition, I mea n the most challenging moment of your life?
A> I have not faced it yet, God has been kind to me.

Q> It's always happy to know that Remix came from the mega hit serial Rebelde which is rocking all over the world, heard that Rebelde gave a rocking concert in Mexico, but when will be seeing all you four in an ultimate concert like that?
A> We are planning that soon

Q> Do you live with your parents in Mumbai?
A> No, I live separate, I live in Andheri.

Q> Do you now speak like Tia, in third person? Like Tia does this, Tia does that?
A> I can't talk like that at all!

Q> What is your motto in life?
A> Be a good human being.

Q> What do you think should be there in you to become a nice human being?
A> Lot of innocence, truthful, sensitive, emotional.

Q> What is your favourite pass time?
A> My favourite past time is to play with my dog.

Q> The most embarrassing moment in your life so far?
A> There were some funny moments. I was dropped by Raj in Remix, for instance.

Q> How was life before Remix? And whatís the difference now?
A>Life before Remix was relaxed to an extent, as there wasnít much work. And after Remix, itís work, work and work. But before the serial, there was lesser recognition, which is in abundance for me now. Also, now there is a lot more adulation and affection from fans. Kids tell me that they like me a lot and mothers tells me that they would like their daughters to be like me. There are more positives than negatives after Remix happened.

Q> What's the most exciting thing you have done?
A> I am not a very adventurous person, I am very passionate about my work - to act.

Q> What do you fear the most?
A> Nothing! I fear God.

Q> Which film would you like to be a part of in the past?
A> Black! Only if they give Rani's role.

Q> Do you and Priya argue a lot, of screen. Just like Ashi and Tia.
A> Not at all! We never had a single argument.

Q> Do you believe in love and how would you define love?
A> I do believe in love, for me love is a feeling that makes you feel complete.

Q> The most funniest incident on sets so far?
A> There was a fight between me Meher and Anvesha, and she was pouring water on us.

Q> Do you believe in astrology and numerology?
A> I do believe in astrology. I read Middayís astrology section everyday. But, I really havenít come across numerology, so I donít believe in it.

Q> What was your first job? And paycheque?
A> My first job was in Aptech Computer Ltd as a marketing executive, and I was paid Rs 1902 for it.

Q> Your favourite smell?
A> I love the smell of mud after the first rains.

Q> Where in Mumbai would you rather live?
A> I would want to live anywhere in Juhu.

Q> Who do you regret losing touch with?
A> A couple of my school friends. I would like to get in touch with them and also a couple of cousins

Q)What are your best memories of the year?
A)There have been innumerable enchanting moments throughout this year. But 2 which I can recall are, firstly the Remix album launch lately. It took place at the planet M, and it was a fabulous launch. The man from times group music told us that I have never seen such an amazing launch ever in my whole career. We had an excellent fan following and were eagerly waiting for the music to release. The copies were sold out on the very first day itself. Another incident happened recently too, when one of my interviews were published bu Bombay Times and my sister called me and said that I am so proud to be your sister and I can't believe it that I am your sister. These words really mean a lot to me.


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