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Here are some interesting snippets that are a must read for all Shweta fans..........

1. An excited Shweta Gulati is enjoying her newfound motherhood and the baby is a three and a half month old black Cocker Spaniel which she has got home recently. She has named the pup as Phoebe after her favorite character in the television show Friends. "I am currently enjoying motherhood with my baby Phoebe who is the apple of my eyes now," says the lovely Tia of Remix who jokingly complains of having no time for herself due to too much work pressure.

2. Shweta spends fourteen hours a day on the sets shooting for Remix and has recently completed an outdoor schedule near Manori (outskirts of Mumbai). She has also completed a film called Detective Nani (which is awaiting a release) besides shooting for a commercial (Marino hair products).

3. This is what Karan said about Shweta when asked how does it feel to share screen space with Shweta who is elder to him in age and senior in profession Karan said, " I don’t feel the age gap at all. Shweta is very young at heart. Let me tell you an incident. Recently we went to Enigma ( night club in Mumbai ) and the security guard stopped her at the entrance saying that she is underage. He thought her to be 14-15. Both Shweta and I were laughing over this incident for 3 days. I have seen "Kyon Hota Hai Pyaar" and "Lipstick" and I was like this star-struck bachcha. She helped me a lot during he romantic scenes and had the patience to bear with me when I was relatively a new comer. In fact whatever success I have achieved today is due to a lot of mehnat and Shweta. She never behaves as my senior."

4. Shweta, who’s busy hopping from one set to another these days, reveals that she loves nothing more than sleeping. ‘‘The two things I love are sleeping and painting! Sleeping... well I did that throughout college!’’ she laughs. ‘‘Each time the blacklist came out in the college, my mother would get a complaint. My mother told them she knew exactly what I was up to — sleeping!’’ she chuckles.

5. And what is her take on the great Indian saas-bahu sagas, which enjoy both high TRPs and viewers' love? "I can't believe that I am saying this, but I am quite a fan myself. I've always enjoyed these series. In fact, I used to watch Jassi like crazy. And one actress watching another's serial religiously is quite something. But now I think it's just dragging,'' she says.

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