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This page will give you enough proof of what 'Shweta' means to her TRUE fans.

Read on to know what sizzlers have to say about TIA and SHWETA.........

Testimonial by Tanvi (tana)

Shweta is just inexplicable... she is beautiful yet smart, perky yet soft, childish yet sensuous...... A magnanimous personality with definite goals set ahead in her life, she warms the depth of one's heart with a single disarming smile. Her charm is spreading like a warm blanket around us, her beauty cannot go unnoticed and her smile is simply contagious. She portrays the character of Tia so well that it actually blends with her off-screen image. According to me, Shweta is all about style and simplicity... a down to earth person with a mind boggling persona. I wish her all the luck in her future.

Loads of Luv n Luck......Tanvi (tana)


Testimonial by Pratham (pratham)

Tia... oops .. Shweta... whatever I like to call you Tia... coz thats the reason I like you... I like Shweta Gulati becoz of Tias innocence, her grace, her friendships, her childishness. Shweta wouldnt have been Shweta without Tia... even you will agree with it. Anywayz... whenever I see you I dunno why but I feel a soothing feeling inside me... feels like there are only beautiful things in the world. kuch aisa hi hota hai..


I love her as a person (Tia) because of her love - the intensity - damm itni intensity se kaise koi pyar kar sakta hai.... woh to theek se Shyla se nafrat bhi nahi kar sakti... isiliye. She has so much love for everybody around her ki she cant stand the negativeness... just .. if we can have few more people like this... this green planet earth will be really green...Tia ke aankhon main kabhi dekha hai aapne... the innocence is striking... She has that "X" Factor in her...

Now for Shweta.... Happy Birthday to you... May God bless you and may you scale new heights buddy...!!!!!! Your confidence is striking... your acting is amazing. I read someone compared to AmitabhBacchan. Forget the hyperbole, but u have that talent in u, really. I feel that u r very close to Tia.. as far as innocence and love are concerned. Behaviour mein I hope ur not like Tia... kyunke waisa behaviour to aajkal ki duniya main nahi chalega na...

Shweta.. we are least concerned about the rumours about your age and other personal issues.. and believe me that is not going to effect your career if you are going to be crystal clear about that. As far as this Forum is concerned, we would be happy to know the truth and we wont be unhappy even if you dont tell us...

Last but not the least, I havent heard about you being a bad person at all... hope you remain the same the way you are... coz we would love u still...atleast have a wonderful day and this just a little attempt from us to make ur day more special...


Testimonial by Aashni (animateash)

How 2 describe Shwetha... she is simply amazing..!!! How 2 value Shwetha...she is priceless..!!! Really Shwetha has come of age. She has done so many soaps like " Lipstick", " Kyun Hota Hai Pyar" and has made every1 crazy with her beauty. She is an inspiring personality. She is a complete package wth beauty n brains. She is a person who has taken a place in each and every1`s heart. She has always made her way through her problems and has achieved what she wanted...n here she is in Remix as the cute, sweet, adorable and beautiful Tia. She has enacted Tia very systematically and beautifully. I wish her luck in for her life....hope she always moves ahead and never looks back. All the best Swetha, for ur future....

an angel landed from the land of angels, she as beautiful as god, she is as sweet as honey, she is a magic of love, she is a thief..who steals everyone`s heart, yes she is shwetha...the angle princess....

luv aashni ash


Testimonial by Saniya (sanizy)

Tia .. What about you?? or say ,what not about u ??. You are the angel that can make all the boys of Maurya go crazy after you. Is that why Ranveer is crazy about u ?? Girls are crazy about your style,..the way u dress up , the way you talk (Puhleez, Tia`s God, Phapa) , the way you always care about your skin. Sonia Ray , a star luvs Tia Ahuja, everything is so sweet about you. Kaise nahi ho saktha …kyunki " Tia Ahuja hona koi aisi waisi bath nahi.."

Shweta .. a lady who has made the public crazy about her by her performance in Remix. The way you control media, your fans , it is just amazing. All your answers to those twisty questions are so good, they are always the way the person wants you to answer. You have even done other TV shows before Remix, and that now your entering bollywood shows your sucsess .. Keep going .. and ur fans are always there for you.


Testimonial by Neeraja (neeraja05)

Tia - her name spells innocence,charm,grace and beauty. She plays the perfect daughter and a perfect friend...not to forget her singing talent, which is displayed through the band--REMIX. Her undying and unconditional love for her close ones is appreciable and she defends them fiercely throughout.The screen nick name given to her - "Angel" - truly matches her personality.With all these qualities,she is one of the most popular girls in Maurya college.

Shweta, on the other hand, is a perfect example of beauty and brains blended. Having done quite a few television projects and a movie which never got materialised, she still can be touted as a "Miss Fresh Face". She exudes tons of self-confidence and self-belief which the world got to know when she declined a Balaji Telefims offer.This uniqueness in her preferred a completely new and a different character,which is how REMIX happened. Despite earning immense popularity, her head rests firmly on her shoulders.This simple and down-to-earth attitude attracts millions across the globe.

Tia has helped me come closer to my family and friends..for like her, my parents and friends hold top priority. But her character has strenghtened the bond I share with them. Inspite of hailing from a rich background, she does not differentiate between her friends and it never matters to her what standard they hold in the society. I completely relate to these qualities she possesses.

Shweta too, has helped me grow as a person. Her goodness extends beyong the reel world..she is an active participant with the PETA campaign. I, being an animal lover, can completely relate to her. Shweta, as I already mentioned, is strong-willed and a determined person. I love her for all this, giving extra points to her nature.

Shweta,as she herself mentioned in an interview,does connect with Tia to some extent.So here is a song,which according to me,best describes both Tia and Shweta...

"Aankhon mein hai nasha,zulphon mein hai ghata
Pehle humne ada yeh haseen,dekhi na thi kahin
Dekhi jo yeh pari,masti dil mein bhari
Hai yeh jaadoogari ya nahi...
Sone ka rang hai,sheeshe ka ang hai
Jo dekhe dang hai..kya kahoon
Hairaan main bhi hoon
Yeh kya andaaz hai,itna kyun naaz hai
Iska kya raaz hai kya kahoon
Woh to pal mein khush hai pal mein khafaa,
Badle woh rang har ghadi
Par jo bhi dekhoon roop uska,
Lagti hai pyaari badi
Use jitna dekhoon,utna sochoon,kya use main kehdoon.....

Wishing u a very wonderful and memorable birthday Shweta !!! May all your dreams and wishes come true...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


Testimonial by Garima (angelfromhell21)

In today's self centered world tia has brought a new dimension to my life and to the lives of many others. In the day n age of greed n selfishness tia is like a breath of fresh air. Her selfless love for her father, her friends and everybody around her is a lesson for everyone to learn. With all the meanness around her she still manages to hold her ground, fight all odds and go to any lengths to help her friends. Its rare to find someone who is so innocent at heart.its not just her beauty that makes her stand out in a crowd its also her innocent heart. Those eyes convey purity, purity like no other! every relation she is in, she makes sure that she gives it her best. That's tia for u....a beautiful human being.

You come across as a humble person who knows what she wants and will surely get it! You have a certain persona around you that makes u stand out. You seem to be a very down to earth person, bubbling with energy(though remix must be sapping quite a bit from ur reserves), exuding confidence and with an undefeatable spirit. Despite the immense acclaim and fan following that you have earned through your hard work you have not let the success get to your head. I wish you remain the same always. May you succeed in all your endeavors. All the best!

A very happy birthday to u!!! May this year bring you all the joy, love, luck n happiness u desire and deserve!! May your career rocket to greater highs!!!
lots of luv


Testimonial by Riya (riya_remix)

Stand up and pave the way for the “ANGEL” of telly world who brings light to the telly screen and lights it up with her style and attitude…

“TIA” , for me, stands for a girl with beauty, both outside and inside, a pure heart, an innocent mind, a loyal friend and a devoted daughter. She has taught me the value of friendship. She stands up for her friends and supports them in every way she can. She exudes an innocence about her which makes you protect her from the evil world! She’s a little snobbish but she brings a smile to your face when you hear her speak her trademark words like ”Pappa", " Tia Ahuja Hona koi Aisi Waisi Baat Nahi Hai", " Camel ", "How Tacky ", " Oxygen... Oxygen " etc.

“SHWETA GULATI”, stands up as a confident, modern, ambitious, 21st century girl for whom sky’s the limit. She has enlightened the telly and advertisement industries with her stupendous performances and now the big “Silver Screen” is about to see her magic. She’s an avid animal lover which is evident from the fact that she has a dog in her home named Phoebe n supports PETA. I strongly endorse her views about animals. She is portraying a character in REMIX who’s smaller than her actual age and she speaks in a voice which is not her original one. This speaks volumes about her talent..


Cheers, Riya!!!


Testimonial by Ankita (princess_ankita)

Shweta, I admire you not only because you are The Most Angelic Princess of Tinseltown, but also because of the wonderful person that you are. Your enigmatic smile, cheerful face and grace sets you apart from everyone else. You have won the viewer’s hearts with our commendable performance in Remix. I must appreciate the untiring efforts taken by you to bring to life the bubbly character of Tia on screen which has now become a part and parcel of our lives. The magnificent work carried out you is an inspiration and examplary for devotion to one’s career. Your incredibly amazing persona is an epitome today’s Indian women. What is remarkable is that inspite of all the fame and glory, you are unscathed by any arrogance, pedantry and dogmatism. Such an innocent, down to earth person is really hard to find in the present scenario. Independent, confident, strong and dedicated- you are all that a role model for young girls. After all,” Shweta Gulati hona koi aisi vaisi baat nahin.”


Testimonial by Madhavi (remixed_devil19)

Tia, the character has left a impressionable impact on me because of her various facets... honesty, loyalty, friendship, love n above all her capacity to stand up as a strong & matured girl without the support of her mom. That has inspired me to live up & face up the challenges of the world though regrets are there that "Mother" is not there as it is said that a girl child's first asset & best friend is her mom. But still she has shown me how to face the wide world strong & steady and also has proved that "TIA AHUJA HONA KOI AISI WAISI BAAT NAHI"

Shweta, as a human being, has inspired to Live Life the way one wants.. in one's own & unique style. If one takes up a firm decision to achieve something and is confident in reaching the goal,there is no stopping or barrier for it. As even herself being 28+ she does not have slightest of issues to portray the character of 18+ old college girl and carrying off with ease. This is commendable. So I have learnt from Shweta that if I want live my life my way, no matter what comes in my way I will not brag.. rather, I will Live n Live it my style, Queen's style...because ITS MY LIFE AFTER ALL.


Testimonial by Vandita (vandi29)

“TIA”………When I think of this name it brings in front of me a flash of feelings, accompanied by an instant smile on my face. Tia, for me, is associated directly with child-like innocence, feminity and sugary simplicity. She’s the kinda girl who is sensitive, fragile, loyal, caring and just a total angel!!!! She motivates me to take on challenges in life sayin “nothing is impossible if u try” and that’s the attitude I wanna have. She is also ready to take on the world single handedly for her friends and her love “Ranveer” and that’s another quality I completely identify with. Her love for Ranveer makes my heart skip a beat and fall in love with LOVE. I aint like Tia but surely she has left a undeniable mark in my life…..

As for ‘Shweta’ ……..firstly I wanna wish u a wonderful birthday and hope you have thousands more like this, hope God bestows his blessings on you all through your life!!! Shweta this is just to tell u that all I really know about u if through the stuff that I’ve read about u and through the times u’ve given out interviews………and in all of that the one thing that strikes me most is that u can make people smile instantly….for me atleast I just needed to hear your voice and I’m smiling like crazy…..u have this undescribable vibe about u that just melts me, u are a really lively person and I guess great fun to be with……,you’re sweet, sexy, hardworking, amazingly beautiful and oh so adorable………. I love your attitude in life and I love your work in Remix and I promise to watch each and every episode and love u like this forever and ever. Just keep smiling coz u never know who’s falling in love with your smile........

Loads of hugs and kisses ……..Vandi.


Testimonial by Natashu (iluvdan)

Shweta, the INCOMPARABLE pearl , the luvey dovey Tia, is the only role model I have ever had in my whole flea-ridden existence!!!!! Shweta, the ultimate angel ... the inspirations to zillion of girls..u are the Exquisite Princess... Shweta I must compliment u on being such a luvable gal... Playing Tia isnt easy but u do it with such ease that I am left speechless!!!!! Tia the angel princess has changed the whole momentum of my life...the magnificently beautiful angel has made me to think in a positive way and handle problems in a creative n nice way....

So on this very very very very special day I wud like to wish u a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!....may u always be ur same sweet self..thanks for coming in my life in such a sweet way and leaving a small sceneted place... Shweta the girl so sweet
The most beautiful girl in the world thats huuuuuggeeee
Like a princess in the Remix tale
She will SURELY make ur heart melt......
- The biggest fan of the priceless beauty...Natasha [ Nathu]


Testimonial by Pritika (pritika011292)

Shweta Gulati….she is a fantasy! She is a fantabulous actress who steals people’s hearts the moment she comes on-screen. Her expressive eyes and enigmatic smile add to her assets. She is a true princess whose charisma envelopes us both when she is on-screen and off-screen. She portrays her character ‘Tia’ so well that people think that she is just like Tia….the best compliment an actor can get. There seems to be an aura around her which attracts everybody. She is an aspiring personality who inspires youngsters to chase their dreams without giving up. Lastly I would like to wish this angel A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

With Lots Of Love,

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